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Dad still hasn’t owled me back. Either he’s avoiding me, he’s… - Ron
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May 2005
Mon, Sep. 27th, 2004 01:03 pm
Dad still hasn’t owled me back. Either he’s avoiding me, he’s ‘forgotten’ about it, or he thinks that the more time passes since I’ve sent him my post that I’ll have calmed down or decided to not feel so adamant about the things I want to know about or something. Well, whatever his reason is for not owling me back, it isn’t on. It ISN’T ON at all. I realise that Dad (and Mum as well) likely just wants to protect me and all that. But he can’t really do that forever. He can try…but there comes a point and time in a person’s life that they’ve got to be told stuff and viewed as an adult, not a child anymore. I only turned 17 this past March but let’s face ruddy facts here: I’ve been facing adult situations for a lot longer than just six months. Six years, morelike. I’ll be finishing up my schooling at Hogwarts in less than nine months and then what? If I’ve not been allowed into The Order by then, they’ll surely HAVE to let me in (as well as Harry and Hermione). But who is to say that Voldethingee is going to wait til after Harry, Hermione, and I have left Hogwarts and joined The Order to strike for the Big Showdown and try to kill Harry? Who is to say that he won’t try to do it tomorrow? Or next week? Or the week after that? We’ve got to be as ready as possible. We’ve got to be prepared for anything, prepared like this whole thing could go down tomorrow.

And with Dad and the rest of The Order keeping silent and not giving us all the facts so we can be properly informed and prepared, we could very well die. I’m not just talking about this thing that’s going around the school, either. I’m talking about EVERYTHING that they don’t let us know about.

I have half a mind to owl Fred and George about this; Merlin knows Bill and Charlie are in good with Dad. I can feel them watching me like a damned hawk. I reckon they’re sending owls back to Dad telling him what I’ve been up to. That’s not on, either.

In Sunday’s Daily Prophet, there was a whole mess of letters to the Editor. Some were just a load of rubbish going on about how Mrs Malfoy and Malfoy ought to get their money and estate back from the Ministry. I don’t wish being poor or out of a home on anyone but I reckon it’d do them well to live life being ruddy poor for a bit longer. They’ve never had good things to say about us Weasleys. It might be right horrid of me but I’m GLAD they’ve been having a tough time of it. If they were any other people, I’d say that likely going through a time like this’d be good for them, get them to see that having their noses in the air when it comes to ‘common’ witches and wizards like the Weasleys or the Diggorys or what have you isn’t on. But, well, these are the Malfoys here. It won’t do any good. I’ll just be glad to see them suffer a bit, the wankers.

The other letters in the paper were about Sirius. People were trying to say that he’s responsible for the ‘deaths’ going on at the school and bringing up Harry’s name. It’s a bunch of shite; I can’t believe they printed that drivel. And who the sod let Lockhart have a quill to write an owl post? He’s barmy! Merlin.

Sirius must’ve gotten a copy of the paper cos he made this really long post to the journal project about it. I wanted to say something but everyone else was replying to him and he was handling himself right well. So I just watched to see what other people were saying about him. I’m GLAD that people know he’s around now cos that means he and Harry can actually communicate. I don’t know if Harry’s really allowed to visit with him much; it’s been a long time since Hermione and I last went to visit him. Since the students and now with Professor Sinistra, too…I don’t know if Sirius would be up for a visit. I think he’s trying to figure out what’s going on, at least that’s the impression I’ve sort of gotten. If he IS, I know he’d tell Harry so I’m not going to keep him busy when he could be spending time getting closer to learning what the sod is going on around here. But I reckon I will speak up if people don’t believe that about Scabbers being Peter Pettigrew. If anyone ought to know about that, it’s me! I wonder what Sirius and Harry’s dad did to the timetables that Harry’s mum made out for them. He wouldn’t tell Hermione but I expect it was wicked and Harry and I’ll want to try it. God knows Hermione could use a laugh. Well, okay. Maybe she wouldn’t be laughing, but Harry and I would be. And she’d be distracted, so it’d all work out!

I don’t know what to make out about what Parkinson was saying to Sirius. I’ve read over her comments a few times and it’s maddening. She’s so dodgy; I doubt even SHE knows what she means half the time.

And I don’t really quite know what to make about Bill lately, either. He’s not the big brother he used to be. He’s sort of…being a bit of a prat, if you ask me. I think hanging about Professor Lupin might be rubbing off on him…I don’t know. Some of the things I’ve seen Professor Lupin say lately on the journal project to other people and to me have rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t like being talked down to and I feel like that’s how I’ve been treated.

Sod it all. I have to go over my Charms reading for class this afternoon and I have to think about how to steal Hermione away from everyone else for an hour or two later on tonight. I feel like I’ve barely had any time to spend with her alone since what happened on her birthday and I’d like to do that. Afterwards maybe we can convince Harry to dive into his sweets stash and play Exploding Snap in the common room.

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