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Bill's officially an old geezer now. He had his birthday earlier… - Ron
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May 2005
Sun, Nov. 28th, 2004 04:37 am
Bill's officially an old geezer now. He had his birthday earlier this week and now he's 197 31. Ruddy ancient, that. I hid his gift in his office; I dunno if he found it get. I reckon he didn't, cos, well... I know I'd've heard of it if he found a fancy walking stick with a great big brilliant fang handle on it...especially one that turns into a walker when a bloke says a few certain words. I really ought to owl Fred and George and thank them for doing that for me; it's wicked!

No, Bill definitely mustn't've found it yet; he'd've hexed me if he did, maybe. He's been trying to quit with the smoking, he says, and it's making him right miserable. He's been beastly in classes, even to me and Gin!!>!! That's really not on, but maybe he can't help it. He'd better straighten up right quick. That's all I know.

I have to say, though, that a tonne of people have been rather beastly on account of this house swap as well. It went all right for me. The first week I was in Ravenclaw and that really wasn't so bad. This past week I stayed in Gryffindor; Parvati, Neville, and I were the ones to show everyone else how Gryffindor works and such. Mostly people were all right. The Slytherins actually tried to do things our way (I guess cos old Snape likely gave them a talking-to before we exchanged about being respectful and representing the qualities of their real house throughout the week or something.), which was a surprise. Well, most of them did, anyway. That bint Bulstrode was dead annoying, all refusing straightaway to wear our uniforms. She gave in though, although I don't doubt that she burnt hers last night after she was finally able to go back down to the dark dungeon where she bloody well belongs. I hope she rots there, the cow.

I wasn't too thrilled that Hermione got stuck for a time with Parkinson in Gryffindor during first week. Parkinson was an absolute bint to Hermione, all taking her Muggle books and everything! I tried to go and make Parkinson give the books back to Hermione cos she needs them to take those exams for her mum but I couldn't get into the common room. The sodding Fat Lady was being all high and mighty, not letting me in cos I was a Ravenclaw that week and she was feeling nixy. She'd let me in before to talk to Harry, but I reckon she was in a good mood that day and was in an awful one when I went to go help Hermione. Well, I'm not going to forget it. Next time she needs me to go give her precious Violet a message or something, I'm going to tell her to stuff it.

Last night after evening meal we were finally allowed to go back to our proper houses. I, of course, was already in my proper house so I spent some time using a few charms to straighten up the common room and have some of the house elves bring up some pumpkin juice and sweets so we could all catch up by the fire place. It was brilliant seeing real Gryffindors back in Gryffindor. It felt like home again.

After she got most of her things put away, Hermione came over to my room and we spent a good bit of time together. It was nice; I felt like I'd not really seen her in yonks, even though of course we had classes together all week long. Everything was just brill and then I had to go and See something and, well...shite.

It was stupid. I don't think it was really anything.

But at the same time, it's all I can think about. That's why I'm awake and it's only half-four.

It's daft. It can't happen anyway, so I don't think it's anything literal, cos it would have happened this week if that were the case. I Saw Harry being a Slytherin, like he was this week for the House Swap, and I was Gryffindor and, well... he didn't really know who I was, other than one of the Weasleys. It was horrid. He's my best mate; he wouldn't be like that!


Oh, it's fucking daft. I'm more than just one of the Weasleys to Harry. I'm his best mate. Nothing's going to come between us, not ever. It can't and it won't. We're best mates and I'm his blood protection now and that's that.

Hermione said I ought to tell him about what I Saw but I dunno. I'm going to try to go back to sleep and when I wake up maybe I'll be able to better figure out what to do.

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